Pop Ups!

I found a nice little mark scheme for developing an ecotourist resort ( developed by rbt) and rather than just get the pupils to draw it, I set the parameters that the resort, whilst following the features of the success criteria and elminating non essential features, had to have a pop up element to it!.

It was at this point I realised that a good 75% of the class had never made any sort of pop up work before. And the only time the other 25% had was in my class in year 7 making a pop up coastal headland ( thanks Tony Cassidy) !

What they created, and this was a lesson and homework task, was very varied. Some pupils just gave up, I had a chat with them about resilience! I told pupils to get their parents to help if they were struggling as I have been trying to foster more parental integrated work over the last year and thankfully some did, and then some pupils created the most wonderful pieces which had clearly had a large amount of time spent on them!

For those who not just excelled but had clearly put a shed load of effort in, I sent postcards home, which were thoroughly appreciated it seems!

Photos for some of the best ones to follow!



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