Reflections on a year 8 project #1

We are mere days away from the end of our Brownfield development project with year 8 and I have come to a couple of conclusions about it.

1. IMAG0094[1]These have worked splendidly, the pupils have got really into a little bit of covert operations and the photo shows the last one that remains ( the final one to be found by the premises management team). I even found some other pupils reading one the other day and then telling me that it would be awesome if they did make the old huts into a playground for older pupils, complete with tunnels, swings and slides!

2. Sheep syndrome in projects is a pain. I now have 4 websites being built in one class and 3 guided tours in another. I may get them to randomly select next year and keep to that format.

3. The role of cross curricular learning has been crucial in this project and something which I think I should be working on more. This project has seen me embed a task, starter or teacher talk in various lessons. For example, RMT have talked about the costs of different building materials in their lamp project and directly referenced my project, enrichment have been focusing on teamwork skills and made explicit links to our project, drama have looked at voice projection and how useful that would be in addressing a whole hall (where we present) and maths have looked at budgeting, embedding the actual data from their costings into their work.

This has taken a lot of work and I hope when I see the presentations in the lessons on Thursday and Tuesday, all the hard work will pay off. Now I just need some prizes! Any ideas?

I will add a second post once I have some footage of the actual presentations.



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