Quizzing it up for A level

I love a pub quiz. Any excuse to set up a pub quiz style format in my lessons is welcome. As such, I have developed a pub quiz for my year 12 pupils to demystify the geog 2 skills paper a little. They have never really looked at a whole paper, so what better way than cheesy music, prizes, teams and a laugh?

As the pupils come in, they have 6 jenga blocks on their table. They have 5 minutes to get into teams of 4, write a population key term on each jenga block and come up with a geographical team name. All this while the ‘going for gold’ theme tune plays twice over.

I then walk them through what we are doing, collect the jenga blocks for the bonus round and detail the rules ( there are basically no rules, but any marking disagreements, I have the last say.

The AQA skills paper splits up nice and easily ( leaving out the fieldwork section though). Round 1 is usually 2 questions and pupils have the number of marks as minutes to answer the questions as a team.

Countdown music is played for the last 30 seconds, pupils swap papers, mark using the mark scheme ( to get them used to the mark schemes as well) and scores collected by me. The first bonus round is practical- one team member from each side comes to the scoring table and one is randomly selected to successfully select a jenga block and define the key term. Bonus point is for a correct definition.

Repeat with duos/triplets of questions to complete the paper. Second bonus round is a series of photo/image stimuli to discuss ( just like a picture round). Scores taken in and tallied. Team with the most points win!

It is a great laugh, the pupils are less afraid of what the skills paper entails, prizes are won and the pupils get to share thinking processes of these problem solving based questions, something they may not get to do so often!



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