Paperless CSI

I am trying to get more of the lessons I teach into a paperless format, for three reasons really.

  1. a sense that the excess use of paper in schools is something a Geography teacher should be worried about.
  2. we have tablets in the department, why not use them.
  3. although the initial work is larger, it means less time photocopying and the like for me.

I wanted to develop a new skill as well and making a website was something that I have done before but all my efforts were pretty weak! I developed a site using weebly for my cold environments crime scene investigation lesson. The site contained all the information from the handouts and sheets that I have previously used in this lesson and I also embedded a feedback form for all the pupils to respond to the information.

As an outline, the lesson’s aim is to identify which animal killed our friend, the penguin or seal dependent on the cold environment chosen. The pupils have to use a series of materials in a team structure to work out where, how, when and why the animal was killed then create a conclusion based on their ideas. I have been doing this lesson for five years now and enjoy it every time. The website now allows a paperless environment and the pupils can utilise the website for linking evidence together rather than just viewing and researching.

Feel free to use the website if you fancy creating something similar!



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