Making a life expectancy tube map

With year 9, we are looking at London and how the city changes spatially. With this in mind and thinking about doing something the class could all get involved in, I designed a playdoh/wool/researching/group work hybrid.

The task was simple- create a Bakerloo tube map ( as it is the one the pupils use the most) that also detailed how life expectancy changes across London.

Each group within the class was given a differentiated task, be it creating the actual line, identifying and locating the stops, researching the expectancies, developing the scale or building the playdoh located bars to show the expectancies.

It took all lessons, lots of researching, checking of stats, building and lots of teamwork but we did it and it looked pretty splendid at the end.

With a 12 minutes discussion to use the descriptive structures we are using (HALT’M), we had established a clear working knowledge of how life expectancy shifts across the city.




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