Engaging exam classes through questions

Exam pupils are not always keen to attempt a million and one exam questions. In reaction to this, I thought I would give them the opportunity to do exam questions under their own steam but also using their own understanding and creative skills.

I set up a series of lucky dip boxes using the cards on the attached slideshow, and pupils select one card from each box. They then have a command word, a key term, a resource and a mark allocation. From here they have to create a question using all these elements for someone else in the class.

The focus of this is to further pupil understanding of command words and mark schemes. The aim is to encourage pupils to know exactly what each question is asking them to do and is used in conjunction with attendance at an AQA webinar for Geog 1.

The feedback so far is that pupils feel more comfortable with all the command words and feel confident about how to utilise unseen resources to the best of their ability.

The link for the lesson as I used it is here… https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-0yRlDrpBFd_CoF6xk4Y8-r51FBJTZpW3kXiVyxfcnA/edit?usp=sharing



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