Skittles and weathering

Thought I would try and develop my year 9 class this week by getting them to develop their own experiment. We are currently just starting to look at weathering and erosion, so at the beginning of the second lesson, I showed them a very old youtube clip which reminded them of the types of weathering and what they do.

They were then provided with a handful of skittles, a cup of water, kitchen roll and a experiment sheet.

The idea was they had to design an experiment using these materials to demonstrate a type of weathering. With the materials provided, the obvious choice was a little hydration but the range of ideas was brilliant!

They had to identify what they were going to do, predict the outcome and what role the skittles played in the process. We had people trying to heat up the skittles with lights, breaking them apart or crushing them and then adding little roots, doused in water, dunked in the cup, loads of different things.

The best thing was the range of understanding they were showing by undertaking the experiment and an exam question the following lesson showed that the wide range had led to a lovely level of detail in their answers.

All in all, jolly good fun!



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