Glacial landscapes around me

Having moved to Scotland 2 weeks ago without a job ( and still not having a job for the upcoming academic year) I thought I would get down to planning some lessons just in case linked to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Being based in Edinburgh is awesome, there is Geography all around and it has increased my long held interest in Glacial and Geological studies, things that I have not been able to teach for a long time.

With regard to this and view out of my windows up here, a lesson on crags and tails came to mind, using Edinburgh Castle rock as my basis. As I need no excuse to make something practical based, playdoh and sugar cubes slid their way into proceedings. I am sure that someone has thought of doing this before and I apologise if someone has but if anyone may find it useful, I have attached the link to my google slides for you.

The concept is that the water will dissolve the sugar and not the playdoh, leaving a more resistant ‘rock’ with a sugary tail where the water has been forced to pass around the playdoh. Then onto a storyboard to show the process and finally linking it in to Edinburgh more specifically and a little exam question at the end if required. All the links to videos et al are there as well if you like. Should be a laugh, if a little messy!



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