Giant Art Attack graphing

With a little nicer weather comes the urge to make every lesson an outdoor one. I am a weak willed man when it comes to getting outside, I need no excuse, so I put together something as a revision tool for year nine that incorporated two passions; the outdoors and Art Attack.

Each group of pupils was given a series of data that included information they had covered before ( discharge, population et al.) The idea was that in the lead up to fieldwork write ups, they had to select the correct type of graph to produce, work as a team to make a huge version of the graph on the field using the materials provided to them ( cones, buckets, rope) and then move to an upper floor of the nearest building to look down on the graph and describe to the group what their graph showed.

They had to feed back on why they chose that graphical type, had to follow our established HALT’M technique to describe what the graph showed and for differentiation ( beyond the data set) some had to explain the patterns they identified.

All you need for this is cones, a field/open space and somewhere to look down on it from. It was great fun, the pupils really thought the choice of graph though and it linked really nicely into their fieldwork write up!

art attack graph#I have added some little dots to point out one of the graphs to help!




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