Learning new things ( Google, SOLE and pedagogy)

Having no job at the moment means that I am developing resources about things that interest me, reading articles that appeal and trying to improve my practice as and where possible.

I started by undertaking a Google educator certification exam, which was incredibly helpful, allowed me to develop my IT skills and learn heaps of new things. I would thoroughly recommend doing it, especially if you use google classroom or you have a chromebook at home (https://edutrainingcenter.withgoogle.com/certification_level1).

Then, I started perusing the thousands of pedagogical blogs around, I particularly like headteacherguru.com, full of great ideas, thinking and usable resources, Magpied Pedagogy for developing new resources (https://magpiedpedagogy.wordpress.com/about/) and Harry Taylor-Wood’s improving teaching (https://improvingteaching.co.uk/author/hazzer2001/). These among others had led to me creating various bits and pieces, some of which I have sent down to my old department, some I have kept and most of which I have tried something new in.

It was whilst delving around I found some work on SOLE learning from Newcastle University and thought I would create a lesson and homework based around a topic I have wanted to teach for a while, which is the best ecosystem. I always see this as a ‘who would win out of a shark and a robot’ type question and it appeals to my argumentative nature!

Using the SOLE methodologies (https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/school-in-the-cloud-production-assets/toolkit/SOLE_Toolkit_Web_2.6.pdf) I created the lesson, fiddled around with how it looked and think it has turned out ok!

Feel free to steal, use, develop as you wish!


Hope everyone is having a nice start to the term!




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