What must a Geographer be able to do?

After a discussion with a colleague, I started rethinking what I would want from a Geography student in my department, what skills would they need, what should they be able to do. I jotted down some ideas and then reflected on them with said colleague. Interestingly, we disagreed about some, some were counted as ‘obvious’, some may be more useful in the years to come and some were a little out of date.

Then I remembered that I had a similar document from my PGCE year and the differences between our list and the one I was given nearly ten years ago were obvious. There was a little mention of GIS ten years ago but not much in the way of independence in that field and in our little list, we made more of a feature of the application of skills. This may be down to our personal preferences,in the same way that I always feel the importance of a critical nature should be paramount for all Geographers.

Have a look and see what you think we missed. The animal choices are inconsequential, I just liked the drawings.

They are all based around Scottish levels of education as well if you wonder what the S refers to.




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