Lego and fieldwork structures

After visiting Pedagoo Fife today and listening to a really interesting piece of educational research on the role of Lego in building confidence and interactions with Autistic pupils delivered by Judith Scott, I felt there was something I could use the theory for.

The concepts are from here and detail teamwork, communication skills, positive interactions, all things that are crucial in conducting Geographical fieldwork. I took the ideas of different roles, akin to thinking hats or similar and embedded them into basic fieldwork structures that could be rolled out with year 7 or 8 /S1/2 to ensure that best practice in the field is followed every time and each pupil knows how best to work in the field.

The reason for this is the amount of times I have seen groups not working as a team in the field, being disorganised, annoying each other. I feel that the Lego way in coould give clear structures, a fun starter activity so the pupils identify fieldwork data collection ( often the most dull part of fieldtrips) with fun and they collect the best data possible for their needs.

I am going to give it a go with a class whenever I get a job to have the chance to but I really quite like how it has turned out. It could also give a chance for a best Lego photo in the field competition. I may even get each group to be in charge of a Lego minifig for the purposes of this ( similar to Alan Parkinson’s work a few years ago).

The resource is here

Let me know if it is something anyone likes.


P.S the first part where they actually make a kit is best serviced by Daily Mail giveaways or Toys R Us apparently.


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