People in High Places

My new school has a dance studio with a fantastic view of Edinburgh. Having seen it several times, I wondered how I could use it to engage my sixth form pupils with the city and see it as a living organism rather than just a map.

Using the awesome compasses on rocks you find at viewpoints as an inspiration, tomorrow, as a class, we will be creating a 360 degree field sketch of Edinburgh, punctuating it with personal experiences, landmarks, varying land uses. The plan is to introduce by asking what the pupils think of when they think of the city, then on large sugar paper and with huge felt tips to develop a skyline of Edinburgh by engaging with the landscape.

We will then use the images to develop understanding during the urban environments topic, building upon it and utilising it when looking at the urban assignment we will be undertaking. I will post pictures of the skylines tomorrow and offer some evaluative tone to proceedings.

UPDATE: after attempting the task today, the results were great, pupils appreciated how little they knew about the local area, they engaged with the concept of a city being a living space and the sketches they created are now on the wall as a revision and progress tool as we add to them over the coming weeks. Although they are ugly as anything, it will be nice to see pupils refer to and improve them over time.




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