Lego Edinburgh for land use

After studying land use theory with my Higher and attempting to engage them with the urban environment around them through live photo analysis of fantastic city views, I thought adding a little Lego to proceedings could help a little.

I drew a simple city outline on the tables, identified two locations and then told the class to build the city. This served many purposes, it allowed pupils to reaffirm their location knowledge of the city, ensured that pupils had to think about the buildings they were making and their height/purpose/shape. To extend this further, I asked questions throughout, using Bloom’s to differentiate the questioning to the point that many pupils were answering without even thinking and it was becoming obvious that a large amount of the knowledge was not being embedded.

This ranged from land use models, the bid rent theory, locating of retail parks, transport network effectiveness among other things.

The photo I have attached was half way through the processes and many elements were added including an awesome Murrayfield stadium!

We are going to consolidate further through an examination question next lesson to establish exactly what is required for further lessons but the Lego seemed to work a treat!




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