Pop Ups!

I found a nice little mark scheme for developing an ecotourist resort ( developed by rbt) and rather than just get the pupils to draw it, I set the parameters that the resort, whilst following the features of the success criteria and elminating non essential features, had to have a pop up element to it!.

It was at this point I realised that a good 75% of the class had never made any sort of pop up work before. And the only time the other 25% had was in my class in year 7 making a pop up coastal headland ( thanks Tony Cassidy) !

What they created, and this was a lesson and homework task, was very varied. Some pupils just gave up, I had a chat with them about resilience! I told pupils to get their parents to help if they were struggling as I have been trying to foster more parental integrated work over the last year and thankfully some did, and then some pupils created the most wonderful pieces which had clearly had a large amount of time spent on them!

For those who not just excelled but had clearly put a shed load of effort in, I sent postcards home, which were thoroughly appreciated it seems!

Photos for some of the best ones to follow!



Ecosystems in a box with year 8

I have been making these ecosystems in a box for a while ( shout to Alan Parkinson for the idea many years ago) , with a focus on rainforests. This year, I extended it to rainforests, Antarctica and for those who were researching around the subject, they could choose whichever ecosystem they wanted. This little differentiation really worked as those with interests in other areas really came to the fore. We had deserts, savannah, hedgerows, coral reef and a freshwater river with actual river water!

We then used the little peer assessment tags I found on twitter a month back, unfortunately, I cannot rememebr whose idea they were and rather than post it notes falling off all the time, the boxes have wicked little tags which do not ruin the aesthetic!

Well worth your room being covered in boxes for a little while and fantastic for open evenings and the like!

rainforest 2 rainforest