Performance art depressions

As part of a three lesson spell on depressions, their structure and the weather they bring, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and encourage some dramatic work from year 10.

Each differentiated table group was given a component part of a depression ( for example, the cold front or the warm sector) and as a class we created a performance based around how depressions form, work, the weather they bring and how humans are affected. I booked our hall and stage area, borrowed some instruments from music for sound effects and gave the class 20 minutes to become their aspect of the depression.

I have a James Bond style cold sector ( it was the ‘coolest’ thing they could think of!), a comedy styled warm front complete with leapfrogging and a cold front which was harrowing- I gave this part to the pupils I know who do Drama, just to see what they came up with!

It was a thoroughly fun time, the pupils seemed to enjoy the different space and style of lesson and it led into a depression storyboard homework and an attempt at a depression gcse question in the next lesson where all the pupils accessed a level higher than they had done previously! The only pupil who was still a little behind was given a little bit of doddle reading to help him along before next lesson.

For my other year 10 class, as it was so nice outside, we made a small mound on our field into a natural ampitheartre and went about performing there!

It was great to get the pupils out of the room, myself into an area of teaching I have always been scared of and develop the pupils’ knowledge of a complex concept!



Creating a library to encourage library use!

Happy holidays all!

Seeing as though tomorrow will ensure my head is in an education mindset, at least for a week, thought I would egt some work done today.

The library in my school is small and underused, particularly by those in key stage 4 and 5. This is partly because it is always teeming with smaller children. Therefore I am trying to create a small library in my room from which pupils can lend items. I am hoping that this will encourage them to engage with Geography on a day to day basis and to get on board with actual books, with a potential knock on effect that more than one person would have read the same book so could share ideas, even debate a few issues.

The secondary part of the library is going to be a dvd part. I am well aware that most pupils today will not actually watch that many dvds but the idea with the library is that they can borrow ( age specific) dvds, watch them at lunchtimes in my room, take them home, even watch them with family members, get some discussion going about the Geography behind the films.

I have a reasonably nice collection with the focus, especially with the books, being on difficult texts that may be tricky to get hold of for school age pupils.

Does anyone have any good ideas for them?

Many thanks,