Revision lessons

As I have mentioned, we are trying to be as dynamic as possible in revision lessons, so far, pipe cleaners, jenga, artist’s impressions have made an appearance and something that I have found really useful is photographing the board at the end of the session and then uploading to the class edmodo site to ensure any absent pupils do not miss out and anything missed in the lesson can be consolidated in the pupils’ own time.

It may not work for everyone but my lot have really got on board with it!

Here is an example…



Mock feedback for year 11, 12 and 13

After the mocks at the start of last term, the department wanted to establish a more focused manner of feeding back so used a range of strategies, nerf guns, these little consolidating sheets and plenty of 10-15 minute intervention strategies.

This particular sheet was developed from a tweet from @ASTAli so props to him!

Mocks feedback sheets